About Us


Established in 1996, Fotohi Carpet Gallery is Singapore's reliable and trusted retailer and wholesaler of carpets.

Our gallery features an outstanding and extensive array of fine quality nomadic, tribal, village and studio carpets. For the discerning collector, we also offer an unsurpassed collection of new and antique masterpieces. Carpets are guaranteed with Certificates Of Authenticity which specify origins, materials, age and a brief history of the region.

Visit our gallery and experience the beauty of colors, harmonious designs, motifs that evoke delightful emotions, inspire imagination, exude calm and artistic brilliance. Let our knowledgeable, honest and trusted gallery hosts share the historical tradition, the secrets of the aesthetic qualities, and the story behind each piece.

Affordable, yet luxurious. Our quality rugs will lend itself to homes, offices and spaces, beyond functionality, a touch of elegance, warmth and perfection, for years to come.

Looking for some help to bring back the splendour of a well-loved piece? Let our professionals advise, clean and restore your carpet to its former glory.

Fotohi Carpet Gallery is a member of the Hand Knotted Carpet Association of Singapore.

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